About Us

From Tucumán to the world

Molinos José Lopez was founded 60 years ago by Mr. José Lopéz, name with which his prestige accumulated in all these years to arrive and transform into a registered trademark.

Today it is a family business that supplies cereals and legumes throughout the country, with the development of one of the richest protein and mineral products that a human being can eat; at the lowest cost of all food
existing, which is cornmeal to prepare POLENTA.

Today we have a grinding capacity of more than 100 tons
daily products made and packaged. Our trademark is MOLINOS JOSÉ LOPEZ, registered trademark and the company is called 4H S.A., our intention
is to supply our products to Argentina and all countries that require it.

“To be leaders in our segment for compliance with our customers and commitment to the consumer”

“The axis of the philosophy of 4H S.A. is to meet the needs of consumers with high quality products and be open to changes and suggestions from both the customer and the consumer ”